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Deliah Rosel

With more than forty years’ experience in the healing arts, Deliah Rosel is committed to facilitating health and well-being as her contribution to healing our planet. All services are geared to individuals. Deliah serves people from all spiritual practices with her knowledge of the mystical Jewish tradition.

The Aliyah Healing House is a chemically safe space, and all products used are fragrance free.

You can schedule a session at the Aliyah Healing House in Conway, MA, or at Tend Bodyworks in Easthampton, MA.

Auto Accident Insurance Accepted     Sliding Scale Fee

Massage and Energy Healing

Do you wish to increase your well-being, peacefulness, or connection to the Divine? Are you managing physical or emotional trauma or healing from an injury or chronic pain? During individual sessions, Deliah Rosel weaves therapeutic and medical massage, energy balancing, integrative acupressure, structural realignment, and foot reflexology to optimize your ability to access the healing energies surrounding us all. She partners with you to facilitate healing and recovery from acute or chronic physical injuries and ailments, such as whiplash, frozen shoulders, lower back pain, present and ancestral trauma, anxiety, and emotional distress. Deliah supports you in releasing physical, emotional, and energetic restrictions to support well-being, ease, comfort, and spaciousness in everyday living.

Elect to have a BioMat on the massage table. Its amethyst crystals radiate far-infrared energy to aid in cellular healing. Learn more about BioMats at (Use referral code DeliahBio). Click here to read Deliah’s testimonials.

Spiritual Direction/Companioning

Spiritual Direction/Companioning, a form of life coaching, is a contemplative practice that attends to your soul in the company of a skilled guide. In an hour-long session, increase your awareness of Divine Presence in your everyday life.

L’Chaim Qigong™

Placing  in a Jewish context the powerful healing practices of Chi-lel Qigong™ and Zhineng Qigong that Deliah learned at the Medicineless Hospital in China, we engage our bodies in gentle energy movements combined with visualizations, connecting with the compassionate nature of YHVH, Infinite Source. Prayerfully enhance the ability of your entire being to become “so filled with divine energy that no horror can seize you,” to quote the Slonimer Rebbe of Netivot Shalom.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Let your cares melt away in the Aliyah Healing House outdoor hot tub. The temperature can be adjusted, and an ozonator allows the water to be nearly chemical-free. Schedule 20 minutes to an hour, before or after other activities.

Radical Wholeness—The Embodied Present Process™

Ease into clarity and balance as we explore the wholeness of our being by recognizing and softening the divisions that have been enculturated in the body.  When we live primarily in the head, we remain divided from the breath, the present, and the profound intelligence of the pelvic brain, centered in the belly. The Embodied Present Process™, created by Philip Shepherd, brings us back to our greatest teacher: the body. Learn more about Philip Shepherd and his work at

Embodied Shabbat Prayer

Experience the connectedness and oneness intimated by central Jewish prayer the Shema through the gentle meditative movements and visualizations of L’Chaim Qigong™, the practice of Radical Wholeness, prayerful chanting, and Torah reading. Deliah teaches the movement, breathing, and meaning of these practices to deepen our experience of God as  Infinite Divine Energy for healing ourselves and the planet. This is a L’Chaim Qigong-infused Shabbat morning service.

Refresh and Clear in Preparation for the Jewish High Holidays

As the Hebrew month of Elul begins, release and clear yourself to deepen your connection with Divine Energy in the New Year. The literal translation of ‘Bochain Chlyot v’ Lev’, a phrase repeated often in our High Holiday liturgy, refers to YHVH, or Source, peering into and testing our kidneys and our hearts—revealing our  innermost thoughts and being. Join me as we playfully create spaciousness within ourselves through breathing exercises from Radical Wholeness—The Embodied Present Process™, prayers, chanting, and time for reflection and writing. Develop a meaningful personal practice for deeper spiritual connection in the coming Hebrew year 5784.


Sunday, August 20, 2023, 2-5 p.m.


The Aliyah Healing House, Conway, MA


$36-54 sliding scale donation

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Healing Personal and Ancestral Trauma

In a half-day retreat, immerse in the comfort of the Aliyah Healing House and let Deliah’s intuitive, skilled, devoted attention help you relieve personal and ancestral trauma. Absorb the benefits of massage, energy medicine, integrative acupressure, structural balancing, foot reflexology, and the BioMat. You may opt to include Radical Wholeness™ to reveal the body’s wisdom, L’Chaim Qigong to energetically fill and balance your whole being, and/or Spiritual Direction/Companioning to deepen your understanding of how Divine Energy is moving with you in your life.

Create your retreat with Deliah during an initial consultation. During the retreat, allow your choices to flow and change in the moment, as needed.

Possible retreats might include:

  • soothing away your cares through massage, hot tubbing, garden rambles, and meditation, and enjoying your favorite tasty delicacies;
  • cleansing and releasing emotional patterns that are no longer useful through coffee enemas (which clear anger and grief held in the liver and large intestine, as well as existential fear), delicious green drinks, intuitive life coaching, and Spiritual Direction/Companioning;
  • integrating the neuroplasticity of plant-medicine journeys or other transformative experiences into your daily life with your choice of the Aliyah Healing House offerings.

Include time in your retreat for journaling, receiving the calming insights of guided meditations, and strolling through the meditation garden beside the Aliyah Healing House. Retreats provide a profound level of comfort, often difficult to find in daily life, that can promote your deepest healing and wholeness.


Create your retreat with Deliah during an initial consultation. During the retreat, allow your choices to flow and change in the moment, as needed.


The Aliyah Healing House, Conway, MA


Pricing Available Upon Inquiry

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Deliah Rosel, MPH, DMin, has a unique combination of skills and more than forty years’ experience in the healing arts. With a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s of public health in medical microbiology, she began her professional healing career as a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist focused on the physical level: muscles. She then explored the emotional and energetic levels of healing, becoming certified in Integrative Acupressure with Sam and Ana McClellan and in energy healing with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. Fascinated by the mystery of being alive, she received training as a Jewish Spiritual Director/ Companion at the Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality and went on to earn a doctorate in ministry in Jewish Spiritual Direction from the Graduate Theological Foundation. Her dissertation explores Judaism’s understanding of kidneys as organs of spiritual discernment. A certified Chi-Lel Qigong™ instructor, Deliah created L’Chaim Qigong™, a Jewish approach to Qigong healing.

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Deliah Rosel has earned a remarkable array of accolades from her clients, who consistently praise her exceptional dedication, professionalism, and outstanding service.

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